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Darn! Once Again I'm Not the Best

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Darn! Once Again I'm Not the Best

Postby TinyJWRinLC » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:26 am

Techradar's best of list. I have two of the programs installed on all my machines. Only one of the two is the default on them.

The best free software for your new PC or laptop
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Re: Darn! Once Again I'm Not the Best

Postby TomTom » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:32 pm

I have used Avast on all my computers for several years, but have considered BitDefender. If I ever feel the need to switch, that is at the top of my very short list.

I have tried EaseUS ToDo Backup Free, and agree that it is one of the better "FREE" options, but there was something I didn't like and ultimately went with other choices, most of which were NOT free.

Firefox, or the Mozilla derivative Pale Moon, have been my preferred browsers for years, but I do often also use Google Chrome, or the open-source Chromium on which Chrome is based.

I have used LibreOffice, or prior to that, OpenOffice for years and have no compelling reason to switch. I have tested WPS Office Free for Android and liked it, but had no need for a full office suite there, and uninstalled it to free up some room.

Photo Pos Pro: Finally, a recommendation for something that I have NOT tried! I may need to try this one. I doubt that it will replace my two stalwarts: IrfanView and Paint.NET.

Piriform Recuva is a good program which is usually my first choice when trying to retrieve files. There are times, however, when it will not do the job and I resort to some others.

VLC is on all my computers and is a great program, but my preferred video player is MPC-BE, and my preferred audio player is usually XMplay, but I also like AIMP.

Shotcut is another recommendation that I have NOT tried, although I seldom need a video editor.

Overall, not a bad list of recommendations, even though it is not MY list! :lol:

PS: If anyone would like more information on any of the programs I mentioned, I would be happy to post links or a short description.
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