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Rename images by EXIF date

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Rename images by EXIF date

Postby TomTom » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:00 pm

OK, I'm back with another neat single-feature graphic freeware. Namexif is a tool to automatically rename photos with the date they were shot.

Don't you hate seeing a folder full of images with names like "IMG_0012.jpg". Even worse, at least to me, is with the extensions in all caps, like "IMG_0034.JPG". Digital cameras have their own clock and record the date to each photos with a precision of a second. Since the date and time is recorded for each photos (provided it is an EXIF compliant digital camera - and most are), Namexif is able to rename these photos according to the date. So your new name may become something like "2015-04-05-10h31m17s.jpg", for a photo taken April 5, 2015, at 10:31:17 AM. Sweet!

To sweeten this even more, the actual download is a setup file, but once it is "installed", you will find that it consists of a single .exe, which seems to run fine on other computers without needing to actually be installed. Just copy the .exe file onto a thumb drive of other portable apps (like the previously mentioned Rotation Pilot), and take it where you want.

Sometimes the best things really are free! :D
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