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Paint 3D

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Paint 3D

Postby TomTom » Thu May 18, 2017 8:06 pm

According to PC World, one of the Windows 10 Creators Update's best new features is Paint 3D, sort of a Windows Paint on steroids.

Paint 3D is loaded with tools and filters that make 3D image manipulation easy, and it can even help you convert 2D images into 3D objects. Microsoft’s updated app also hooks into "Remix 3D", a new website loaded with 3D images created by other Windows 10 users.

Check out PCWorld's "Paint 3D tutorial" to start creating awesome 3D scenes of your own in no time. And fear not: The classic Paint app still lives on in the Creators Update as well (for those that actually care).

I updated one PC to v1703 (Windows 10 Creators Update), and it was mostly a trouble-free experience. I only briefly played with Paint 3D, and it is pretty interesting and seems easy to use. I didn't even look at any tutorials yet, just dove in and played for a few minutes.
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