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ANOTHER Win 10 Aggravation - Skype

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ANOTHER Win 10 Aggravation - Skype

Postby TomTom » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:03 pm

ANOTHER Windows 10 Aggravation!

Unwanted Skype messages in my Action Center

After the latest update to Windows 10 I started getting unwanted Skype messages in my Action Center. I have never installed Skype, never used Skype, have no desire to ever use Skype, and have never activated Skype, but I continue to get the annoying messages. I close them, and a few hours later get the exact same messages again. I had already uninstalled Skype via the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features, but still get the messages on start-up.

I checked the Task Manager, Services and there is no Skype program running. However, Under Performance Monitor a program called "Skypehost.exe" is running. If I terminate it, it usually just starts a new instance. Even if I do manage to successfully terminate Skypehost, I STILL get the annoying messages.

So how do I stop this major annoyance, permanently?

I seem to have fixed this by following the advice in a Microsoft Community "Answers" post. As usual, the advice given by the Microsoft employee was totally useless, inappropriate, and stupid! Instead, user RichLentz had the answer, slightly edited here:

...Microsoft in its infinite wisdom has re-installed Skype as an "APP" in the recent Updates to Windows 10, (either the November or December 2015 one, or possibly any or all updates since then). Since it is an APP it does not show up in "Programs and Features" and instead is in the "Apps & Features" section of "System."

Thus if you want to get rid of this POS you have to go to "Action Center" > "All Settings" > "System" > Apps & features" then scroll down to "Skype", click it, then choose Uninstall. The December 2015 update to Windows 10 also added a lot of other useless JUNK.

Each subsequent Windows update might, and probably WILL reinstall the Skype app, so you may need to repeat this process following any updates, just as you probably need to reset your file associations - especially for PDF files.
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Re: ANOTHER Win 10 Aggravation - Skype

Postby TinyJWRinLC » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:34 pm

An even easier method: install LINUX
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