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Frontiers Saga - A Short Review

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Frontiers Saga - A Short Review

Postby TinyJWRinLC » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:51 pm

What is your favorite type of book to read?
1. Science Fiction.
2. Comedy.
3. Action/Adventure.
4. Spy Stories
5. Military Battles.

I’m reading book six of a series (twenty episodes as I write this review) that has all these genres and more. Frontiers Saga is written by Ryk Brown and has been one of those series where I almost immediately start the next book to find out what happens next.
The series takes place in the year 3472 and like many other fantasies, the Earth is recovering from a cataclysm, in this case a bio-digital plague. To make matters worse, the planet will soon be conquered by aliens. An experimental space ship, the Aurora CV-01, is on its shake down cruise when it unfortunately gets thrust 100’s of light years away. Of course, they get into another alien war. Less than fifty members of the original crew survive and the senior surviving officer, an Ensign, becomes the new Captain.
The author doesn’t refer to his books, but rather as episodes. There are currently fifteen episodes in Part I of the Saga. Part II is well under way with five books, excuse me, episodes.
One of the reasons I like the series is that the space battles, problems with the Aurora, protocols, etc. are very realistic and remind me of the time I spent on active duty in the Navy. As I am progressing, I am often reminded of other books, television shows and movies. A partial list would include, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Lone Ranger, Dune and many others.
I hope that this series will catch on and become a huge franchise like some of the other science fiction/fantasy realms. I think they could be converted into excellent movies and/or television shows. I can also imagine a great PC or role playing game.
If you decide to give the books a read, I strongly recommend you start from the beginning. Each book is a stand alone story but you will find them more interesting if you have the whole background history.
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Re: Frontiers Saga - A Short Review

Postby TomTom » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:38 pm

Thanks for the tip. I may have to try these.
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