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Increase Sound Level On Your Computer

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Increase Sound Level On Your Computer

Postby TinyJWRinLC » Wed May 25, 2016 2:34 am

Do you have a program or two that just doesn't play sound loud enough? I recently had this problem with Next PVR. When I played a recorded TV show, the sound would sometime be barely audible. Playing the same file with VLC or another media player would always be louder. This let me know the problem was with my video card. I found a simple solution.

1. Left click on the speakers icon in your system tray.
2. Then left click on the speaker.
3. When the speakers properties window opens, left click the Enhancements tab.
4. Scroll down and check the "Loudness Equalization" box.
5. Click Apply and then OK.

Your sound level should be much louder. In my case, I can play Next PVR files at about 50-60 percent level.
CAUTION: All of your sound files will be louder. You may have to reset previous settings.
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